I'm Georgeana Error a Brighton based photographer and digital artist. 

I became interested in photography at the age of 16 after being given an old Zenit camera which leaked light and made these amazingly unique grainy grey images.  I took a course at Exeter college and instantly fell in love with the alchemy of darkroom practice.


From the very beginning of my photography journey I was obsessed with subverting the 'reality' of the medium and focused on making narrative and character based images.


Soon I began experimenting with darkroom techniques to manipulate images such as using liquid light, layering negatives and making photo-sculptures. 

I continued my study of photography at the Art College in Edinburgh and this is where I started working digitally. I started to learn photoshop and was excited by all of the possibilities this new tool opened up.

In my personal work I now use a mixture of Photography, photomontage and digital painting and enjoy creating unreal characters who are both beautiful and eerie.


My work is influenced by dreams, nature, myths and fairytales.

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